Bespoke Web Design


A website is at the heart of any business or organization's marketing and promotional efforts. Whatever marketing and promotional material you create, your website will be your target audience’s eventual port of call for more information. Fresh Mint Media provide bespoke website design and development whether you are a start-up or small businesses or organization, medium sized or large enterprises. Our track record in successfully delivering websites to such a wide range of clients is testament to this, as displayed in our diverse and vibrant portfolio. Our entry-level web design service begins with a bespoke website, developed specifically to your needs. If you require editable control with your website, we can also offer a highly customized Content Management System (CMS), which lets you update your website with ease.


Fresh Mint Media's website expertise extends even further; you may require a dedicated Flash micro site to showcase your product or launch a campaign or initiative. Flash offers visual and animation capabilities beyond a standard website and this maybe just what you need to make a brilliant impression online. All these website services are comprehensively supported by a number of additional services such as domain name registration; web hosting, web promotion and web maintenance. Don’t know what you need exactly? Fresh Mint Media can offer friendly advice and guidance on your choice of website design. Please contact us to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements.

Ecommerce Websites


An E-Commerce website is designed for sellers to make a product available online for purchase to its customers, and do so in a safe, secure and accessible manner. Whether you have a purely online e-commerce venture, or are looking to reinforce your “bricks & mortar” business with an online store, an e-commerce presence is something that cannot be ignored. Fresh Mint Media will build your custom e-commerce website and incorporate a suite of user-friendly web based management tools; allowing you to manage your product range and various store settings easily and let you get on with the business of selling! All our E-Commerce stores are bespoke, please feel free to view some successful examples in our portfolio section.


By selling online, your business can be open 24 hours a day, everyday. Customers now realize that online shopping is safe and have accepted it as a convenient means of shopping. Your customers can browse and purchase your products from the comfort of their own home. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to increase your sales. We guide you through the process of getting your business online from design of the store, its development and launch as well as provisions to monitor and report its effectiveness.


We also offer consultation on managing your online store and provide ongoing e-commerce technical support. Once you’re ready to start selling online, your online store has already entered a hugely competitive online market place. Simply releasing your website and waiting for the sales to come in, is not an effective approach. We employ the latest online marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization to promote your business online. Why not consult with Fresh Mint Media to identify the most effective online marketing strategy for your E-Commerce website?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s appearance on a search engine’s listings by modifying various aspects of a website such as text, links and layout. Our objective at Fresh Mint Media is to increase your website’s traffic in an organic, ethical and cost-effective manner. We can offer a complete service to optimize your website for the best possible rankings on Search Engines. We can't guarantee number one placement on search engines and, quite frankly, we don't believe the claims made by many of the SEO companies out there. If you’re not convinced about SEO, check out the facts below on why it matters:


* More than 90% of internet traffic comes from 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN Bing

* More than 80% of all people find out about a website by clicking search engine listings on the first page

* Around 80% of international consumers click organic listings (on the left side of a search engine results page) and around 20% click paid ad listings (on the right side of a search results page)


Fresh Mint Media make bespoke search engine marketing provisions for organic search engine optimization and ‘paid for ads’ search engine campaigns. we keep our seo services affordable, even to small businesses, whereby return on investment (roi) can be yielded within a few months. We use Google analytics as the core tool to drive our search engine marketing; we also employ a number of other technical tools and best practice coding methods to make sure your website ranks highly in Google and the major search engines. contact Fresh Mint Media to get a free estimate to and begin incorporating some crucial search engine marketing methods into your website.




Fresh Mint Media designs and implements effective strategic solutions to each client’s particular marketing needs and challenges. We develop professional, creative strategies to meet those specific client goals. Fresh Mint Media offers everything your organization needs to:


* Create a core brand identity or campaign,

* Craft communications to attract the appropriate target audience

* Cost-effectively reach that target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Fresh Mint Media has been actively researching and monitoring social media trends over the last few years and know social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter offer unique marketing opportunities that simply cannot be reproduced elsewhere. Our recently launched suite of social media marketing services includes the following:


* Custom Facebook Pages with Flash and graphics implementation, Social Ads and website integration

* Custom YouTube channels linked to your website

* Custom Twitter pages and website ‘Twitter feed’ integration to your website

* Bespoke blog sites used in conjunction with your website and social networks


With over 400 million members on Facebook and more than 100+ million monthly visitors on YouTube, you won’t want to miss out on potential website visitors, customers and loyal fans of your business or cause.


Social Media, when used effectively with related approaches, can provide great enhancement of a brand online and add value to your customer base. Fresh Mint Media cuts through the “hype” and give you the social media insight into your business, brand, campaign or initiative. Fresh Mint Media can make social media marketing work for you as supplemental to your broader marketing, advertising and PR goals. Fresh Mint Media are proactively pursuing projects with many new and existing clients in social media marketing. If you want to be a part of a global phenomenon that also has marketing credence, contact us and we can make social media and the social web work for you.

Print Design

Print Design


Whoever said print was dead must have been the very same who said the Internet would replace books. Designed beautifully, a brochure with impact can pull more customers through your door. Executed to perfection, a report with a difference can make your audience sit up and take notice. And crafted in just the right format and finish your brand will remain first and foremost in your customers’ minds long after your sales pitch has ended. Long live Fresh Mint Media print. Our goal at Fresh Mint Media is to provide the ideal print solution for your company needs to have the maximum impact with your clients.

App Development

Mobile Application Development


Fresh Mint Media specialize in services for mobile app development, application development and maintenance, and web applications. We have a small but strong team of developers that follow a strict project process to ensure that your development projects are carried out to full specification and on time.


 We work on a range of mobile app development including iPhone app development, Android app development, Windows Mobile apps and Java ME app development. We can build an application natively on individual devices or utilize web technologies to make a fully cross platform compatible mobile application.